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Patients share their treatment experience working with Dr. Chance in the treatment room and at the gym.

I first started seeing Dr. Chance in 2006 following a serious rugby injury while competing at St. Mary’s College. An MRI revealed 2 centrally herniated discs, causing me great pain and numbness down my left arm. Surgery was an option, but instead I chose to treat non-operatively through Dr. Chance’s regular adjustments and targeted soft-tissue work. I have since been able to re-enter the active world as an avid cyclist, making sure I don’t go more than a couple weeks without seeing Dr. Chance. Additionally, he has helped design specific workout programs that supplement his chiropractic work, further strengthening my core to address my current condition, as well as prevent future injury. You can tell his greatest joy is providing his patients much needed pain relief. If you’ve had severe nerve pain, you know the gift of relief is priceless. Thank you Dr. Chance for your continued investments in my health.
— Mario, Mountain View
Bob Chance is the only name you need to remember when it comes to chiropractors. His methods are proven and his professionalism is refreshing.
— Jeff, Mountain View
I am 26 years old and an athlete, having played football and rugby in High School, as well as being involved in competitive swimming and soccer. In 2009 I was involved in a significant car crash, as a result of which my thoracic spine was fused, with two 9” titanium rods and twelve 1.5” titanium screws inserted into my spine. Since my accident, I have been seeing Bob Chance on a weekly basis. Through Bob’s instructions and manipulations, I have been able to stretch and perform a workout that has helped me to regain my flexibility, strength, and confidence in my body, as well as to increase my overall well-being. Bob’s expertise with how the spine and other parts of my body work, and the fact that he is an athlete himself, has allowed him to create an individualized program for me, which allowed me to live my life to its fullest with minimal restriction and maximum results. Bob has been a key part of my recovery, both because of the physical benefits that his treatment has afforded me, as well as the positive emotional support that he always provides in his treatment. Without my weekly visits to Bob Chance, I would not have recovered as well from my accident, nor would I be able to continue to enjoy life without restrictions. I wholeheartedly endorse Bob Chance and his work and look forward to continuing to work with him.
— Sam, Concord
I went to Dr. Chance following various minor injuries from high school wrestling. He was very knowledgeable regarding sports injuries, and was able to improve my range of motion almost immediately. After several visits, I felt as good as new. I would definitely recommend Dr. Chance to all my friends and family.
— - Nick, Lafayette
I was hit by another driver in a parking garage, causing quite a bit of lower back pain. I found myself in the helpful hands of Dr. Chance and I was not disappointed. Having my back aligned for the first time, I felt in sync, and even taller than before. Since this experience, I’ve become a firm believer in getting adjusted regularly...because you need your back for everything! Bob is friendly, professional, and worth every penny. Bob is your man!
— Sam, Benicia